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Claim cards should be sorted into 3 decks: cheap (1-2 points), average (3-4 points) and expensive (5-8 points).  Shuffle the decks after they have been sorted. When they have been shuffled, place them on the board with the claim point side up.

Claim Card, Back Side

Claim Card, Front Side

Each player should pick a building as well as the plan cards associated with it.

Plan Card, Back Side

Plan Card, Front Side

The Action Plan cards should be shuffled with 3 cards being dealt to each player.

Action Plan, Back Side

Action Plan, Front Side

Each player should place their building on the healthy side of the heart rate monitor.

Players should designate an area of the table to be the bank. The money should be sorted into stacks of $10, $20, $50 and $100. Each player should take $100 from the bank.

Take a patient pawn of each color (black, red, white, yellow) and place it into a bag. If no bag is available, a hand will do. Each player should take a pawn from the bag without looking. The player that selected the black pawn is the first player. The patient pawns can be placed back into the original pile.